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Имя: Klarit Def
Дата: 01 Jun 20 06:23pm
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Имя: Vernondiump
Дата: 01 Jun 20 03:58pm
Call for end to no school no welfare program.

Bridgette Jackson - 6/10/2001

No reason why school should be in school anymore, there is a difference of opinion between people about what needs to be done and which need not be fixed. I think the kids that are in the school in the middle of a school day need to have something to do while the adults in the school have no idea how to go about doing what needs to be done.

Ron Womack - 3/24/2001

I have two kids in kindergarten, and I want to be absolutely sure that they are well taken care of. I have some problems with the School in the middle of the day, but I believe that we should stop making it so much of an issue. I have four years of high school, and after taking my daughter to school every day since school started I have not seen any problems. I do think that most parents and kids would agree that this should not be a problem at all if you have them do it in a way that is not difficult or overwhelming.

Dennis E. Martin - 4/14/2000

I disagree with the comments you made about the school being very hard to get to. While the school is located in an extremely small district I don't know how it has that many families there at the same time. When you compare your small district with the size of the school you are thinking about, there is absolutely nothing easy in the middle of the day.

Pete N. - 7/26/1999

I think that the public school system in Illinois should be reformed. I think its time for some serious education reform at the school and public, but not all school reform needs to be public education. I think most Illinois schools do do a good job in keeping all students safe and healthy, but they also have too many administrators that have become masters of the school environment that is very hard to teach effectively.

Garry L. - 1/27/1999

I have a six year old who doesn't always get up for school. She has some trouble falling asleep with her eyes shut. She needs to be taught to shut the blinds at night. How to teach to shut the blinds at night and not allow her parents to keep doing it. I am not the first to have a story like this and I think the parents are correct in saying that they are really taking things out of perspective and their own minds and are causing this frustration on their kids when they are supposed to be focused. We need a new approach.

Sally O. - 5/7/1998

I have a 15-year-old who is very intelligent, and has had many successful and successful studies. Al



Council considers time frame for swim centre closures following decision by minister to end swimming centre operation


A swim centre is closed due to a lack of funding after the National Disability Insurance Scheme cut funding to the swim centre at Bentleigh Cove.

State and territory health minister Peter Dutton says the National Disability Insurance Scheme cut off the swim centre on Sunday afternoon, closing it from 9am to 6pm.

"At 11pm we were informed by the DWP that they were in negotiation with the City of Bath to open the swimming centre again on Saturday, " he said.

"Our team are currently working with the City of Bath in an attempt to resolve these matters, but these negotiations are ongoing."

But Mr Dutton said there are still some financial hurdles ahead for the Bath swim centre and the Federal Government needs to decide how many people can enter the swim centre.

"Our government is committed to supporting vulnerable people around the state by providing $1.3 billion in funding over the next four years, " Mr Dutton said.

"In addition to funding these programs to tackle the underlying causes of disability, we also believe we should be supporting our community leaders to continue to innovate.

"A funding model based on the Australian model would provide more funding for these leadership and culture development activities."

"They are also our top priorities at the moment."

The Bentleigh Cove swim centre has been open for three years and provides a welcome respite from the city's traffic mess.

But a number of families have left the centre for other places, including Melbourne's Northmead Beach.

Families who once flocked to the swim centre say it has no money and is losing money.

The swim centre has also had to shut down three other events since it was first started in 2009.

Topics: disabilities, public-sector, state-parliament, government-and-politics, brighbeach-6015, nsw, australia

First posted
Имя: Vernondiump
Дата: 01 Jun 20 03:58pm
Harrietville hopes for easter revival after storm Sandy and hurricane Matthew.

'You have to fight the weather, ' she said, 'but you have to be patient. We should have a plan to get us out of the storm.'

Storm surges, from high-pressure systems, can be a factor in flood damage, but experts say the most dangerous thing is not the water itself, but rather what it turns into in the end: rising seas and mud.



Two stabbed over kingsley burglar attack BelfastTelegraph.co.uk Three men suspected of being connected with an assault on a Kingley man have been stabbed outside a McDonalds. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/uk/three-stabbed-over-kingley-burglar-atta ck-35517381.html https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/uk/article35517390.ece/0dcba/AUTOCROP/h342/2016-04-03_new_54720891_I3 .JPG


Three men suspected of being connected with an assault on a Kingley man have been stabbed outside a McDonalds.

A man, believed to be aged in his 30s, was stabbed at a nearby pub, close to where a large group of people are believed to be gathered, police said.

Detectives said the suspects are from two or three families and had a history of violent attacks on other people, including a stabbing in a Tesco in April 2016.

The alleged ringleader of the group has since been found and the area has been sealed off.

DUP assembly member David Ford, Labour's housing spokesman, said: "It's difficult not to feel that the police investigation has uncovered that this will be an incredibly serious case.

"The public deserve to know how this happened, what we can do to protect them, and how their safety can be protected.

"We will be following this incident and will be launching a full and robust investigation.

"I also have one simple request: please contact me as soon as possible so that I can take action to ensure this does not happen again and that we can find out who is behind the violent act and make sure it does not happen to anyone else."

Belfast Telegraph
Имя: Claudezed
Дата: 01 Jun 20 02:23pm
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