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Дата: 02 Jul 20 05:02am
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Дата: 02 Jul 20 12:14am
Wasde oct 12 report - "The government's decision to ban the use of mobile phones in public places is unprecedented in Europe. This decision is a great step to put an end to mobile phone smuggling. The government has the authority and the responsibility to manage mobile phone crime in the shortest possible way. If the authorities want to prevent these crimes, they will have to implement effective measures."

Bucuso oct 18 report - "The government has a responsibility to tackle illicit mobile phone crime. To accomplish this, the government can do more to improve its operational capacity, by strengthening the national police's cooperation with the Spanish police and strengthening intelligence services. The recent attacks in Madrid and Barcelona highlight the importance of enhancing law enforcement capabilities."

LaRosa Oct 19 report - "The recent murders in Madrid and Barcelona illustrate the importance of reducing the illegal trade in mobile phones, and reducing the volume and the use of mobile phones on public transport."

LaRosa Oct 18 report - "The government must have a greater interest in the prevention of terrorist attacks by terrorists via mobile phones on their mobile phones, and not only this, must it not allow the use of mobile phones on its transport network (the main target of terrorist attacks in Europe, from September 2011 to April 2012), in spite of the presence of so many mobile phones."

LaRosa Jan 23 report - "If this decision is approved, the authorities should immediately implement new surveillance measures to combat the issue of mobile phone trafficking in public places. Mobile phone trafficking is linked to a specific terrorist threat: the threat of international terrorist attacks through terrorist cell phones."

LaRosa Dec 8 report - "With the increasing use of mobile phones in the public spaces of Europe, it is essential to increase the police and police departments' vigilance in the prevention of such acts of terrorism via the use of mobile phones. Therefore, the government's decision today to ban the use of mobile phones in public places is not only illegal but also an extremely grave threat to the safety and security of citizens of Europe."

OllГ© Oct 4 report - "Although mobile phones are legal in Spain for private use (not regulated by law), this law is in contradiction with the constitutional court's decision regarding whether the use of mobile phones in public places, as part of any commercial activity, constitutes a commercial transaction. If the use of mobile phones in public spaces are regulated by law in the public interest, then they can be used only in the manner of retail, as opposed to a place of business, in which the person does not need to carry a mobile phone. In principle, it is legal to use mobile phones in public places. But in practice it is in contradiction with the constitutional court's ruling, because mobile phones are regulated as being used for business, and therefor






Timber producers sue pngs post courier over terror allegations

Crowdstrike - The US military has accused the security firm Crowdstrike of providing 'technical support' to hackers in a campaign to attack targets worldwide.

The firm, which said it had lost about $300m (ВЈ190m) since 2006 to hackers working for Russian intelligence, alleged cyber attacks against its internal systems had taken place in the last 18 months.

The Pentagon's inspector general accused Crowdstrike, a company with offices in New York, London, Paris, New York and Washington, of providing technical support to hackers in an attack it said was aimed at undermining American electoral campaigns.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Crowdstrike was among the firms that claimed hackers were trying to disrupt voting systems

In an email on Tuesday, the head of the Pentagon's cyber office, Rear Adm Robert T. Lee, said some US contractors had acted as "cyber spymasters" supporting Russian government hackers who were targeting US targets.

He said Crowdstrike, which declined to comment on the allegations, had "suspected the unauthorized access of its internal systems" after it had learned of a "potentially dangerous pattern".

A spokesman for Crowdstrike said: "We have never engaged in any unauthorized access of our systems."

The claims from the Pentagon echo the allegations made by President Donald Trump in October.

In response to Mr Trump's tweet, the Russian foreign ministry said it had been "taken totally out of context", and that the allegations were unfounded and baseless.

As part of its security clearance programme, employees are asked to disclose any relationships with people with links to cyber-espionage groups.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Vladimir Putin has said the country was not yet on a'reset'

Crowdstrike has long been under scrutiny from cybersecurity companies. As well as providing security software for election systems, the firm has been criticised for leaking internal documents on election hacking to WikiLeaks.

In the latest allegations, Mr Lee cited Crowdstrike documents which showed its internal research staff were in contact with Russian military intelligence. The Pentagon said Crowdstrike had not provided any material support for the Russian government.

Russia has dismissed the allegations as unverified and has accused US intelligence of interfering with an election that was not won in its favour.