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Имя: Philliprab
Дата: 18 Jun 20 08:31pm
點子數位科技&# 26377;限公司

Имя: Vernondiump
Дата: 18 Jun 20 05:46pm
Garrido raped schoolgirl in 1970s police station


Where is the photo of the murdered boy on the left?

Where's his photograph next to that of her?

Who told you it was her dad?

It could be a coincidence!

It's pretty obvious, isn't it?

But it wasn't his!

Maybe she's a bit more careful after all?

She could be a bit more careful now…

What about the photo where she says something about not letting her name on a whiteboard?

That photo might have been taken when they were kids!

Maybe he wasn't even there!

Or maybe he was trying to get a picture of the schoolgirl with her hair long...

Oh the irony!

You have more than one picture of two girls hanging out on a whiteboard together

You don't have to have a whiteboard to hang pictures on!

What did you say about him not being here that day?

Do you believe in ghosts?

I'd be happy to help, but first I need to know where it's at!

It's on the back?

It might be on the bottom...

I can't see that, can you?

What are you looking at?

It's on the floor

It doesn't look like a whiteboard

Is that your hand?

I can't read a word on this!

Are the girls trying to kiss me?

This is where you put the photo of Garrido?

The photo of him standing next to the girl with her hair long isn't wrong?!

How did they tell you this?

How did you not think anything of this?!

This is wrong?!

Maybe that was my mother?!

I hate all these questions.

No I'm not!

I don't know where this photo is!

It's just the photo I took for my class, I want to know where it is, please!

But the photo's not right!

And they're trying to kiss you?!

That photo isn't too good!

I don't know where that one is!?

It's on the wall?

Don't get me wrong...

These girls can't be friends with each other!

Look at them, they were just playing!

They were trying to kiss each other!

They might have kissed one another, but wasn't it obvious who it was?

I hate this photo

The photo above seems too blurry!

Oh my god, this is



Pair avoid jail over amphetamines haul Copyright by WOODTV - All rights reserved A pair of two men were arrested in connection with an amphetamine sale. (Courtesy: Monroe County Sheriff) - ] Video

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WOOD) -- One person is in jail after police say he and a pair of men selling amphetamines at a park were the targets of a criminal investigation.

On July 24, investigators were able to identify one of the people.

On Wednesday evening, they arrested two of the two people.

The men were in the area of 11th and W. Main streets around 9:30 p.m. when officers were called.

One of them is the owner of the business. The other is the man selling the drug.

The businesses are separated by a fence. One business is off on the main highway while the other business is on the other side of the property.

One is a small shack. The other is a larger shack.

The customers are not allowed in either of the shops unless police or their vehicles are nearby.

The business owners are upset because people come to them when it's not a holiday.

"They're people that don't know how to cook." said a woman who only gave her first name, Jane. "They're like 'oh you want my money' and I'm like, no."

"I've never seen such a scene, " said Deputy Jeff White.

He said officers discovered a lot of drugs at the shop, including methamphetamine and amphetamines.

White said they had to use force when they confronted the men, because methamphetamine and other drugs are "socially unacceptable."

But they say all of the men are clean.

Police arrested the two owners and a person who worked the other side of the business.

It's not clear yet if they would be charged with any of the charges.

All of the business owners are in custody and they're in the process of contacting each other. The other one remains in the area of 11th and Main Street.
Имя: Rogerhap
Дата: 18 Jun 20 05:02pm

Имя: Kevintax
Дата: 18 Jun 20 01:09pm
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