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: Henryjet
: 23 Jun 20 02:09pm
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: Vernondiump
: 23 Jun 20 08:31am
Pair to face drug charges in toowoomba. Photo: Supplied "I don't think we should have anything but the best interests of our child. No-one deserves to die and no-one deserves that we treat them this way." The two girls had allegedly stolen about $1000 worth of cannabis seeds from the home of Paul and his father, Kevin Schmidhuber, near Waikato on Oct 6. The Schmidhuber's live in a property in Auckland with their four kids, aged between five and 18. "They came to our house on Monday morning and just disappeared, " Paul said. "They did not come home from school today." The siblings allegedly broke into the house through one side door and stole a small amount of cash and a small amount of marijuana. One of the boys later gave police a photograph of the man they arrested. Police are hoping to locate the man's girlfriend, who lives nearby and who would have provided identification to identify the children.

Paul said they were "horrified" and "totally traumatised". "My heart is broken. I can't believe I'm facing charges, " he said. "I've had three kids who can't talk, cannot walk, they're blind in one eye, they're blind on one side of their face. That's not acceptable. My daughter had to have to be told the last thing she remembers was hearing screaming. She couldn't speak anything." Both the boys have a history of drug use and had previously been charged with aggravated trespass on premises and drugs offences. "It's a really hard time right now for us, " Paul said. "All our hope is to have their case dropped." The teenagers and their father were initially charged with theft over $5000, criminal damage and criminal damage to property. Paul, who took down his Facebook profile to inform the community of the arrests, said the incident would help him deal with the loss of his children. The 18-year-old has since been placed on the Sex Offenders' Register, and could face more than eight years in jail if convicted.

"I'm very devastated for my family and obviously the kids. "The boy who was charged did not want to get in the sex offender's register but it's too late to go back there now so there's nothing I can do about that. "They have all got children of their own. "I don't know what happened, but I'm very scared for our kids." The teen's family members, who live in another area, believe his face has not been seen in public for weeks. The pair were originally charged with theft over $5000 but the alleged theft of more than $2000 worth of cannabis seeds, along with other property and weapons offences were dropped, when police concluded the offences didn't meet the threshold o



What will happen when thailands king bhumibol gives him the power to destroy the world?" King Bhumibol replied with a smile and asked.

"There is no way that it will happen." Thirteen Great Godkings, three of them king bhumibol's cousins, said in unison. They all wanted their turn to witness that the king would bring down the world with his power.

"You are talking about the thails. What are you talking about?" Thirteen Great Godkings said.

"Forgive me but I don't really like thails. But they have a very strong sense of justice and don't always act like their brothers and sisters do. They won't kill anyone, but they won't kill their enemies either. It makes me very jealous. In addition, they have a very strong respect for human lives and I think this will be a great blessing for us." The King of the Four Heavenly Kings said.

"I won't let you do that. We all know what will happen when thailands king bhumibol will finally be able to create the thailands." Seven Great Godkings said while laughing loudly.

"The truth is this: that will not be the thailands' fault." Thirteen Great Godkings said. They are still the King of the Four Heavenly Kings and their powers do not allow them to think outside of the box. At least for now.

The Great Godkings looked at each other as a group of thunder crackers rang out. They all saw the three great kings approaching them with their faces full of anger. They have finally found the king, and his eyes had changed. His heart was a mess and his body ached and throbbed. With his heart so heavy, it was like he was being crushed and broke up. The thailands kingdom wanted thailands king to let them live. They wanted to live without fear of thailands king's thailands powers.

"Thailands king, you are not worthy to be considered a god!" Five Great Godkings said. The thunder crackers came out even more.

"What do you think the people of thailands kingdom think?" King Bhumibol said to his thailands cousins with a slight smile on his face. He laughed at them.

"The people of thailands kingdom want thailands king dead, but they don't want to do so by themselves. They only wanted me to become a god like thailands king. They were willing to destroy this world if they had to have thailands king dead." Thirteen Great Godkings said in unison.

All of them heard that. And suddenly the atmospher
: Jamesplurl
: 23 Jun 20 07:34am

: Kevinamego
: 23 Jun 20 06:56am
: Adriannit
: 23 Jun 20 04:13am
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